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Industrial Process Improvement

Defect Analysis & Statistics. Audit follow up & corrective action management. Reduce cost of None Quality. Production Cost optimization.
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Gmet Industrial & Manufacturing Process Improvement engineers work with you to improve products, industrial and manufacturing process performances.

Defect Analysis, Root Cause Study, 5S approach, lean manufacturing, 6 Sigma and Kaizen methodologies are tools in our arsenal to boost productivity of an operation.

Whether it is through planning, SPCs, workspace organization or preventive maintenance program, the goal is to save time, money and increase competitivity of your supplier or your organisation.

We assist you on driving the changes, help creating performance monitoring dashboard and indicators.

11DMAIC Lean Six Sigma methodology

Product Improvement

Statistical data on reoccurring issues can be computed and analyzed. We study the root cause, rank issues and help to solve them one by one. It will increase cost benefits and customer’s satisfaction.

The result of product defects can have devastating consequences. Brand reputation, lost of customers are the obvious but increase of production cost and lead time will limit competitivity.

Collecting data on product issues and defects is key to face the problems, understand which process is causing them.

Gmet Quality Control team, help to organize, define and measure these issues, extract key information from the data and provide assistance to solve them.

  • Analyze the issues
  • Rank the defects
  • Help to map which processes might be involved
  • Schedule the corrective actions
  • Control the benefits of the actions.

Factory Improvement

Factory audit reveals strengths and weaknesses of manufacturing processes. Based on our findings and opportunities for improvements, we follow up corrective actions and help to schedule, estimate cost and benefit of each action.

Factory audit reveals strengths and weaknesses of manufacturing processes. After the closing meeting with a factory where major nonconformities are detailed and opportunities for improvement explained, most of the factory managers welcome the outcome and assure that things will be solved. Time passes, all factory personnel are back to their busy schedule, running the day-to-day tasks and the motivation to drive the changes forgotten.

As an independent 3rd party, we propose to be involved and assist the top management of the factory to drive the changes. We help to plan, setup goals and designate people responsible: we keep the motivation high.

  • Drive Improvement
  • Coordinate, Train and support
  • Follow-up.

Quality system setup & Training

We can setup quality system based on ISO 9001 requirements. One which will make sense to the factory in order to control the quality of its product and ticks the boxes to their customers in term of traceability and performances.

Sometime, product price is the decisive factor when selecting new supplier. This new supplier is then introduced to your own customer who request this factory to meet certain quality management system standard. This is when we intervene.

Based on the requirements, we help factory to setup the necessary quality system, one which will be obvious to adopt, which will make you wonder how you produced before without it. We assist the factory on:

  • Documentations and procedures.
  • Process flow: PO acknowledgment process, incoming raw material instructions, start of production process, packing process.
  • Quality control and testing.
  • Quality management system Training.

Kaizen Events

We can help eliminating none added value operations which will reduce production cost and lead time. It could also improve employee well being and commitment.

Continuous improvement program is key to adapt to ever changing market and expectations. Elimination of ‘waste’, of non added value task which cannot be justified on the product price will help you to stay on top of your market sustainably.

We organize ‘Kaizen’ events to reduce:

  • Defects
  • Overproduction
  • Waiting
  • Nonutilized talent
  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Excess processing. 

Why choose Gmet Quality Control for Industrial Process Improvement?

We do what we say and say what we do. We keep you updated for any unplanned event.

With your interest at heart but also knowing the importance of your supplier to your smooth operation, we conduct our mission with full transparency and fair behavior. We submit our findings to your supplier for its immediate corrective action.

Our quality team and product experts are regularly train to the latest international standards and technologies.

  • Product Quality Improvement
  • Supplier Performance Optimization
  • Responsible Sourcing

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