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Trader or Manufacturer? What to expect. Know your supplier inside out. Be responsible and ethical.
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Gmet quality control follows the ISO 9001: 2015, IATF 16949: 2016 , ISO 14001: 2015, or SA 8000: 2014 standards and requirements for factory audit, supplier audit and manufacturing process audit.

Supplier Audit

If you found your potential supplier online or meet people in a trade show, it is always a good idea to know for sure if they are traders, manufacturers or… We go onsite, collect key information and we show you the reality.

Potential supplier found online or during a trade show can be deceiving. Are they really what they claim to be? Are they able to produce your products and follow your specifications? What risk should be considered?

We show you the reality, gather key information on their capabilities.

We provide detailed report on:

  • Location and general working environment
  • Size of the operation: machine capacity and work force.
  • Historically produced products
  • Internal quality control
  • Available resources and manufacturing capacity

Manufacturing Process Audit

Manufacturing process audit is design to detect the coherence between the production means, its management and the result it wants to achieve.

GmetQC auditors with relevant and significant experience provide full details on industrial capabilities, production management and quality control systems: Compliance, Documentations, Traceability, Testing and continuous improvements. 

Know your supplier inside out: regular audit of your suppliers should be part of your quality assurance system. It allows you to detect changes, monitor continuous improvement and ultimately manage product supply risk. It shows the suppliers your commitment to have a long term collaboration and encourage them to improve their operation.

We provide detailed report and suggest improvement opportunities based on international standards and best practices for:

  • Purchase Order Management.
  • Production process Management and capabilities from raw material to finished product.
  • Factory quality system: strengths, weaknesses and potential improvements
  • Factory internal quality control and testing.
  • Continuous improvement ability.

Social & Environmental Audit

Your public image needs to be protected.

You are accountable to your customers on how you are conducting business. Price is not all, fair and ethical trade is now a must.

We use China Labor law and safety regulations as well as international standards for social accountability SA8000 and environmental protection ISO 14001.

We investigate and provide report on:

  • Factory working environment, building safety and legal certificates.
  • Working hours and workers’ age.
  • Employees’ qualifications and trainings.
  • Working conditions and handling of hazardous substances.

Why choose Gmet Quality Control for Factory Audit?

We do what we say and say what we do. We keep you updated for any unplanned event.

With your interest at heart but also knowing the importance of your supplier to your smooth operation, we conduct our mission with full transparency and fair behavior. We submit our findings to your supplier for its immediate corrective action.

Our quality team and product experts are regularly train to the latest international standards and technologies.

  • Product Quality Improvement
  • Supplier Performance Optimization
  • Responsible Sourcing

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