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Laboratory Testing – Chest Freezer

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11Home appliances laboratory testing

Laboratory Testing

Home Appliances - Chest Freezer

Location: Shanghai, China

Mission: Performance testing, energy consumption. 

Context: Tropicalized appliances needs to endure hot and humid weather. The performance of a freezer is critical to keep frozen food safe during its shelf time. We are testing appliances in controlled chamber to simulate extreme atmosphere and record its performance to lower to safe temperature the potential content, analyze its behavior when lead cover are opened and closed.

Results: We test all appliances in certified laboratory and help to translate the results into understandable explanations. We take all safety and standards into practice such as:

CI.10.1, CI.16.3 of EN 60335-2-24 & EN 60335-1:2019, Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Test (HI-POT Test), Compressor Power Test, Climatic Test, Aging Test, Material Management : A11 + A1 + A12 + A2: + A13 + A14 + A15.

We can created testing protocols for your specific needs and allowed budget.

  • Product Quality Improvement
  • Supplier Performance Optimization
  • Responsible Sourcing

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