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Industrial Process Improvement – Foundry

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11Gear box cover, sand mold casting, pouring process.


Industrial Equipment - Foundry

Location: Anhui Province, China

Mission: Improve the production process of casted gearbox cover. Eliminate pouring defects. Establish best practice.

Context: Factory producing gearbox cover for heavy industry construction equipment. Occlusions occur which weaken the final product. Our team was sent to investigate and propose corrective actions. After a thorough industrial audit, FMEA study, we helped the factory to:

  • Control sand mold moisture and create press pressure charts based on temperature and humidity.
  • Create SOP (start of Product) process to validate status of mold matrix and press setting validation based on previously defined charts and quality control measurements.
  • Monitor metal fusion temperature, define tolerances and set a countdown of maximum transportation time between oven and mold.
  • Monitor cooling time, create dedicated area for different production steps.
  • Create temporary poring inspection workspace.
  • Record data and charts for detected defects and analyze the consequence of changes.
  • Train engineers on experience planning.
  • Product Quality Improvement
  • Supplier Performance Optimization
  • Responsible Sourcing

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