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Industrial Process Improvement – Bag Factory

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11Sewing machine lines and workers in a handbag factory


Softline - Quality System Setup

Location: Fujian Province, China

Mission: Assess handbag factory existing quality system. Setup upgraded quality system to meet international standard ISO9001 and customer’s requirements.

We focused on delivery, product quality and traceability performances. Ethical responsibility was also a Major criteria.


  • With the collaboration of the factory, we implemented PO (Purchasing Order) review process and acknowledgment.
  • We restructured the purchasing and logistic departments.
  • We created documentations for internal quality inspection with feature and design reviews.
  • We implemented a ‘Kanban style’ production tool to manage ongoing production.
  • Employee hiring and training procedure was revised.
  • Production, lavatory and circulation layout were modified.

The final customer made an independent social audit and approved this supplier.

  • Product Quality Improvement
  • Supplier Performance Optimization
  • Responsible Sourcing

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