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Factory Process Audit – Lifting Gears

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11Factory Audit lifting gear chain hoist


Industrial Equipment - Chain Hoist

Location: Jiangsu Province, China

Mission: Audit the factory industrial process from raw materials to finished products. Report on incoming factory quality system and testing. Describe the assembly process, its production capability and capacity. Asses the quality system and factory testing in place. Identify risks and potential improvements. 

Context: A potential new supplier of lever hoist, G80 chains was found by a customer. We have been sent onsite to perform a quality system audit and look at particular manufacturing processes and procedures critical to a stable product quality. Based on our experience in the field and historical issues reported by the customer: we reported, in detailed with proof and explanations, our findings.

Results: Our report includes manufacturing process and management details from raw material to finished product.

The customer was able to take his decision on selecting or not this factory with full knowledge on the potential risk and benefit.

  • Product Quality Improvement
  • Supplier Performance Optimization
  • Responsible Sourcing

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