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Our team’s expertise coverage includes the hardlines industry. For instance home appliances, promotional items, power tool, toys, lighting, cosmetics, electronics & electricals, furniture and homeware.

Home appliances and power tools product safety are very important as they may cause serious harm to the end users, impact your brand’s reputation, disrupt your supply chain and engage importers responsibility. When purchasing products, made in China, a smart strategy is above all to make sure that your shipment will meet safety requirements, regulatory and delivery.

We inspect the packaging, specifications, functions and safety of your ordered products, as well as their compliance to your country’s relevant standards: CE, UL, electromagnetic compatibility regulations (EMC) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards.

Hardlines Services

Household appliances inspection 

Household appliances supplier audit 

AQL standard (ISO 2859-1, ANSI/ASQ Z1.4) 

Electrical safety tests (EN 60335)

Function test 

CE marking and manual Conformity assessment 

Household appliances costumed checklists 

Electronics and electrical engineers  

Inspection of Hardlines Electrical Appliances

  • Specifications
  • Workmanship
  • Marks & Labels
  • Literature
  • Functions
  • Safety
  • Hi-pot Test
  • Strain relief test
  • Stability Test
  • Inner check
  • Fuse rating
  • Thermal cut-out response test
  • Plug type
  • The 'L' and 'N' pins sleeved
  • Noise check
  • Power cord section & Length
  • Earth Continuity/ resistance test
  • Aging time
  • LED light
  • Speed
  • Concentricity
  • Drop test
  • Charging Time
  • Power measurement
  • Heat measurement
  • Speed measurement
  • Rotating Speed measurement
  • Rubbing test on labels
  • Buttons test
  • Internal construction review
  • Carton drop test
  • Smell test
  • Product Quality Improvement
  • Supplier Performance Optimization
  • Responsible Sourcing

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