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About Gmet Quality Control

Gmet's Story

Gmet Quality Control is an independent 3rd party quality control and assurance company in China.

Our main field office is strategically located in Shanghai, close to some major manufacturing and export processing zones. Our staff is from different culture and background, man and women, dedicated to bring the highest level of expertise and professionalism to our customers.

Since 2011, we are send throughout China to perform product quality inspections, factory audits and industrial process improvements.  

We are regularly trained on the latest quality standards and good practices.

Although not exhaustive, you can refer to our “USE CASE” page to understand our experience and expertise. Feel free to leave us a message to claim example reports of your products.

We are your partner for improvements.

With more than 10 years of experience and profound understanding of the importance of QA/QC, we are able to stand in our customers’ shoes and consider their needs thoroughly. We trust our customers as they must trust us with their imports and hard earned money. Gmet certainly takes pride in fair businesses and transparency. We are committed to excellence.

Gmet Quality Control CEO and Founder is of French nationality and been in China for over 15 years. He has a Master’s degree in Automatic control and systems engineering. Worked for a research institute, installed scientific measuring equipments and telecommunication satellite dishes. He then moved on to work for the automotive industry for 7 years. As a result, he understands the implication, importance of quality control and assurance.

“I found the need in China for highly technical people offering quality services to international companies. As a Europeen in China, I understand the concerns, the difficulties to communicate expectations. Even though it is getting better over time, I and my team are proposing to be a bridge and a partner for improvements”.


Quality Control in China: Our Profession, your Guarantee

More than just a QC agency, your partner for improvement.

anywhere in China,
within 48h

How to proceed


To order your inspection, audit, laboratory testing or continuous improvement program, leave a message. We will then contact you back in no time.
It is recommended to contact us as much in advance as possible and at least 48 hours before the desired service day.


A Gmet Quality Control expert will firstly discuss and work out the appropriate solution for you.
After that, our team will carry out the service, keeping you updated.


We will send the report and the invoice within 24 hours after the mission is completed.

The payment is due at the end of the ongoing month.

  • Product Quality Improvement
  • Supplier Performance Optimization
  • Responsible Sourcing

Your Quality Assurance Partner

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